About US

Global Action Coalition (GAC) was founded in 2011 in response to Police violence against Black men, Immigrant, Homeless, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. We wanted to cast light on issues faced by BIPOC and aim to transform the communities with education and technology to uplift and support people in their struggles for fundamental human rights. It brings individuals and organizations together to challenge the institutions and processes perpetuating Institutional Oppression, poverty, and inequalities. Together, we use technologies to preserve and promote fundamental human rights, educational justice, food justice, gender justice, social justice, climate justice, and the security needed for the dignity and peace of all humanity in Seattle WA.

GAC is a multi-service human rights dedicated to assisting immigrants, refugees, and asylees from across the African Diaspora. Programs address the needs of newcomers affected by war, persecution, poverty, and other global health inequities. GAC provides assistance and refers on mental health, general, housing, legal, social welfare, education, nutrition, and advocacy services to more than 500 people in Seattle and King County, and surrounding, especially African, Sudanese, Nigerian, Togolese, and West African. Staff representing more than 5 countries and speaking over 11 languages support this diverse and growing community