Our Leadership


K.T. Leverentz

K.T. serves as an elder at The Great Adventure Church.  K.T. and Christy and their family have been part of The Great Adventure Church since 2001 and have been greatly blessed by their church family.  The Great Adventure Church has become an indispensable part of their life.  They look forward to many more years serving along side their brothers and sisters while watching God bless His work! 

Mark Presson

Mark Presson serves as an Elder at the Great Adventure Church. He also serves at Emmaus Bible College as Vice President for Administration & Finance. Mark has an extensive Military background. Mark is married to Sandy, who is active in the church and women's Bible studies.
Mark is active in the teaching ministry at the Great Adventure and can often be heard preaching a sermon, participating in our "Breaking of Bread" service or leading his small group.

Phillip Keith Leverentz

Keith has been an elder and GAC for several years. He retired from Emmaus Bible College in the spring of 2012. Keith has been married to his wife Betty for over 45 years. Keith is a faithful teacher of the Truth of God, whether in small group, pulpit, or Sunday school settings. He is known as a servant leader in the church. Keith and Betty desire to build young men and women up to train them to serve God in the church and at home.